At Lighthouse we create furniture that is beautiful, functional and lasting. We do it all by hand one piece at a time right here in Boston, Massachusetts. Our desire is that each piece of furniture we create be a multi-generational piece that is cherished and passed down the family tree.

Nature has provided the perfect canvas to create our works of art and as craftsmen we believe that our job is to highlight that beauty and give it a new purpose. That is why we believe very strongly in the process of selecting our wood. We never use plywood, veneer or any of the faux-woods that you see so often in big furniture stores. When we purchase our timber we look for wood that is grown, lumbered or salvaged in the United States. Whether that means old tobacco farms from the south, old dairy barns from New England, or younger, gorgeous trees from the midwest, we believe that making beautiful and lasting furniture starts at the source.

All of our furniture is handmade and unique and that gives each piece its own character. We are proud of our beautiful and durable designs and we know that you will be too. That is why we GUARANTEE not only a delivery time of 4-8 weeks but more importantly, that the quality of the product you are investing in will be of the highest level.

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