Ned Point Live Edge Table

Every live edge table is unique. These natural slabs of wood have different looks and feels, different shapes and sizes, but they are all beautiful in their own way and each is 100% unique. 

The Ned Point Live Edge Table is a beautiful black walnut slab from our friends at Berkshire Products in Western Massachusetts. It is about 42 inches wide and just over 9 feet in length. The metal legs are a very popular square shape but that is also customizable.

We encourage you to hand-select your own live edge slab. We can highly recommend our friends at Berkshire Products. Every slab is different so each table will end up being somewhat different and the pricing will vary as well depending on the cost of the wooden slab and the amount of labor required to transform it into a table. Please search for slabs that have a thickness of "6/4” or more (thicker).




Collections: Live Edge Tables

Product type: Live Edge Tables

Vendor: Lighthouse Woodworks